Mattress financing plans for Wauwatosa residents

Buy Now,Pay Later Mattresses in Wauwatosa

With just $15 down (or $0 down in some cases) you can walk out with a mattress. We offer financing through a variety of different sources. There is no interest until 100 days after purchase.

Bad/No Credit Plans

All you need to walk out with a mattress today is:

  1. A checking account at the kind of bank or credit union that has tellers
  2. $15 for the down payment
  3. An income

Sleep well tonight with a brand-new mattress from Mattress by Appointment in Wauwatosa. We work with clients to find the best credit options for your situation and help you with the details so you can get your dream mattress as soon as possible.

Good Credit Plans

If you would like to do a credit check then we can also help you out. With a good credit check, there is $0 down and you can, as always with us, sleep on your new mattress the same night.

Please contact Mattress by Appointment for more information.