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Looking for a Simmons mattress at an affordable price? Mattress by Appointment supplies expertly crafted Simmons brand products and collections at our shop in Wauwatosa. We offer mattress payment plans for only a $15 down payment so you can take home a quality twin, fullqueen, or king mattress as soon as possible. Purchase one of the most recognizable brands available today for 50-80% less than other retailers. Schedule an appointment today to get started and save!

Simmons Mattresses For Sale in Wauwatosa

Simmons carries various mattresses to fit any budget. Their flagship Beautyrest mattress is renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. Simmons pioneered mattress innovation with the invention of pocketed coil springs in 1900 and was the first company to introduce king and queen-size mattresses. Beautyrest mattresses can be purchased in several firmnesses including extra firm, firm, medium, plush and extra plush to suit a variety of sleeping styles. All mattresses made by Simmons have a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-nigh money-back guarantee.     

Simmons Mattress Types 

When purchasing a mattress, you should look for three criteria, support, comfort, and value. Firmness is the ability of the mattress to support your body weight as you sleep. Innerspring and pocketed coil mattresses provide the highest levels of support. Comfort is achieved through the mattress's ability to conform to the shape of your body. Memory foam provides optimal comfort for all sleeping styles and body weights. Adjustable mattresses can be customized to accommodate a range of firmnesses and shapes. For an optimal blend of support and comfort, choose a hybrid mattress with a memory foam upper on top of a coil spring mattress.  

Mattress Delivery in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

When you purchase a new Simmons mattress from our showroom, you can choose to have your mattress delivered directly to your home. Our mattress delivery service is perfect for individuals who do not have a vehicle capable of transporting a mattress, or for those who are moving into a new home. Leave the hassle of packing and moving a bulky mattress up to us. Your Simmons mattress will be wrapped in plastic and shipped in a sturdy container to prevent damage and contamination while in transit.  

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We designed our business with the customer in mind, every step of the way. Traditional stores require maintenance and high overhead costs that you end up paying for. Our Wauwatosa location allows us to slash prices on premium mattresses. Schedule an appointment, and you'll have the place to yourself to buy and take home the perfect mattress, or have it delivered the same day. Our process has the added benefit of being Covid-19 friendly, we've eliminated the stress of a store filled with people.

Schedule an appointment with our team and pick out your dream mattress today.

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