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Mattress by Appointment in Wauwatosa supplies you with budget-friendly mattresses from premium brands. Browse our selection of Sealy mattresses and find the perfect option for your needs with only a $15 down payment. No hassle, no credit checks, just affordable Sealy brand mattresses to take home with you the same day. Contact us today and start saving!

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We designed our business with the customer in mind, every step of the way. Traditional stores require maintenance and high overhead costs that you end up paying for. Our Wauwatosa location allows us to slash prices on premium mattresses. Schedule an appointment, and you'll have the place to yourself to buy and take home the perfect mattress, or have it delivered the same day. Our process has the added benefit of being Covid-19 friendly, we've eliminated the stress of a store filled with people.

Schedule an appointment with our team and pick out your dream mattress today.

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Browse Mattress Brands in Wauwatosa WI