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Five-star mattresses by Serta are guaranteed to give you the good night’s sleep you deserve. These mattresses use many of the same features and materials as other top Serta models, including a Comfort Fiber® quilt and firm support system. Sleep through the night and stay comfortable at lower prices. With our amazing mattress payment plans, you can get the mattress you need for the price you want. Stay supported and cool when you purchase a Five Star Mattress model with Gel Active® gel memory foam. Contact us today for your mattress savings! 5-Star mattresses provide high-end features such as a wrapped coil system for balanced support and cooling construction at an affordable price. Mattresses from 5-Star are an ideal choice for those looking for a value-oriented king, queenfull, or twin mattress without sacrificing comfort or build quality. Mattress by Appointment offers various mattress configurations at unbeatable prices. Schedule an appointment today to get started and save!

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Selecting the proper mattress type will lead to more restful sleep and reduce back or neck pain. Each mattress type is ideal for certain sleep styles and environments.     

Quick Mattress Delivery in Greater Milwaukee 

If you don't have the proper vehicle to transport your mattress to your home, our team will deliver your new Five Star mattress directly to your door. If you are planning on moving to a new home, forget the hassle and have your mattress shipped to your new home on move-in day. We package your mattress carefully to prevent damage and sterilize the product prior to delivery. When you are looking for a new mattress, browse our selection in Wauwatosa to find the perfect fit for your sleeping style.        

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We designed our business with the customer in mind, every step of the way. Traditional stores require maintenance and high overhead costs that you end up paying for. Our Wauwatosa location allows us to slash prices on premium mattresses. Schedule an appointment, and you'll have the place to yourself to buy and take home the perfect mattress, or have it delivered the same day. Our process has the added benefit of being Covid-19 friendly, we've eliminated the stress of a store filled with people.

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