Family-Owned Mattress Business


My name is Shane and I am the owner and operator of Mattress by Appointment in Wauwatosa. This is a family-owned business run by me and my wife.

Unlike my big-name competitors (You know who they are - their ads are constantly running on the radio, television, and billboards all around Milwaukee), I am an in-stock, buy it today, sleep on it tonight dealer.

Hate shopping? Me too! No worries - In almost every case, you are in and out of my showroom in 30 minutes or less – usually less! And you will never overpay in my shop. With my intentionally small operation, I am able to provide high-end premium luxury mattresses at fair and honest prices that are 50-80% less than the big guys are selling them for – saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

When you meet me at my showroom, you are dealing directly with the owner – face to face. And I’m not sitting there all day. I am driving there specifically to meet you. I will help determine exactly what you need (I have a full lineup of mattresses, and I guarantee you will find the one for you), and make sure it’s at the right price and/or payments that work for you.
Now you get to take that mattress with you. What’s that? You don’t have a truck or a vehicle roof to strap a mattress to? No problem. My son and I can deliver. Oh, you’re moving next week or next month? No problem. We’ll deliver it to your new place on your moving day – one less thing to worry about in the middle of all that chaos!

Does this all sound too good to be true? Check out my reviews, and decide for yourself. When you’re ready, set your appointment!

Since this is a family-owned and operated business, scheduling appointments is flexible and easy.